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Research Writing:


Research Writing Projects:


Works Cited/Bibliography:

Revision and Avoiding Plagiarism:

Writing and Grammar:

The Essentials of Language Instruction: The Essentials of Language Instruction
Fun intro: Charles Bukowski - "So You Want to be a Writer"

  • Peer Editing:
    • NEWGU.doc - Shortcuts and Quick Tips for Peer Editors - Courtesy of Mr. B-G

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Collaboration and Discussion

Note-taking Strategies

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College Preparedness:

  • A great set of graphic organizers to help students with college planning/research (Submitted by M. Myles)

Exploring Themes:
  • Racism:
    • Eracism Project - This project joins classrooms globally to debate issues that will ultimately enhance understanding. Many wonderful resources at this link.

General English-Based Materials:

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